Univesesoftcare is a complete business management software that helps you manage the complete needs of your business. Using Univesesoftcare, you can manage invoicing, accounting, inventories, payroll, banking, cash flow and much more in an efficient way. Here are some of the key features of Univesesoftcare for small businesses:
Revise and optimize your business processes, reduce your time and effort with our cross-functional solution. Hardware independence, easy implementation combined with low IT infrastructure costs. That is canias4.0.

Our service :

♦ Platform independence
♦ Multiplatform capability
♦ Access to source code
♦ (Customizable) Standard ERP
♦ Open system architecture
♦ Complete integration
♦ User-friendly, ergonomic interface
♦ Support of Open Source system software
♦ Multi-client, multi-language and web capability
♦ Integrated, object-oriented development environmen