Software Development

Universe Soft Care builds custom software that helps your business processes more efficiently to improve customer experience and generate more profit.

We design bold and unique digital products that help you achieve your business goals. Every feature included in each product is designed to boost your company’s value, customer base, and profitability.

Compared to commercial software and its modification and maintenance, custom software creation allows specific company demands to be handled at a competitive price.

Custom SoftwareDevelopment :

The magic happens during this stage of custom software development; we give special attention to ensuring the product’s stability and excellent performance, based on our high software development standards (Web Front-end, Web Back-end).

In custom software development, we use agile approaches to track our progress daily to stay on track with the project’s budget and deadline. We use platforms like GitHub, GitLab, and others to preserve this transparency. Our clients can obtain a thorough progress report at any point in the custom software development lifecycle.

UI/UX Design :  

Our projects are all driven by design, and UI/UX design is an essential element of the discovery process. We construct a design based on your project concept and business requirements as part of our custom software services while staying within the project budget and deadline. The ultimate goal of custom software development is to provide a user-friendly solution with a pleasing appearance.

Discovery Stage :

The main goal of the discovery stage of customized software development is to assess the project and understand your company objectives. We develop the most cost-effective technological solution and customized software development approach based on this demand elicitation to achieve the defined goals jointly.

Our team creates an individual discovery plan with matching deliveries for custom software development based on the peculiarities and needs of your project. You will receive an interactive product prototype following the discovery step displaying your potential digital product. We will collaborate to finalize the final UX/UI design.

Software Testing :

Since the beginning of custom software development, we’ve included quality assurance in the development lifecycle (2-week sprints). This means that hundreds of autotests and manual methods are used to thoroughly examine every new feature developed during this period.

We conduct regression testing in addition to regular functional, performance, regression, usability, and unit tests to ensure that previously developed features are not impacted by new software functionality.

Delivery :

The solution is then ready to go to market and available to end consumers.

Maintenance : 

Once your solution is up and running, our programmers will monitor its performance and incorporate user comments to improve it further. We also make any necessary adjustments following deployment.